Corporate Governance FAQ

Does Textron's Board have Governance Guidelines and Policies?

Yes. Textron adopted its Governance Guidelines and Policies in 1996. Textron's Board recognizes that corporate governance is not a one-time event. Rather, it is an ongoing and dynamic process. As such, these guidelines, and other aspects of Textron governance, are reviewed regularly.

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How many directors serve on the Textron Board?

Currently, ten members serve on Textron's Board; nine of those directors are independent.

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How many of Textron's directors are independent?

Textron's Board of Directors is composed of nine independent directors and one management director, Scott C. Donnelly, Chairman and CEO. Board of director independence is defined in the Director Independence section of this website and within Corporate Governance Guidelines and Policies.

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What are the key committees of Textron's Board of Directors?

Currently, there are four standing Board committees: Audit; Nominating and Corporate Governance; Organization and Compensation; and Executive. The Audit, Nominating and Corporate Governance and Organization and Compensation Committees each meet regularly and have each adopted formal charters which set forth their respective roles and responsibilities. Those charters are posted on this website on the Committee Charters page. The Executive Committee meets only when necessary and consists of Textron's Chairman, its President and Chief Executive Officer, the chairpersons of each of the other three committees, and the Lead Director (if he or she is not a committee chairperson).

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Which Board committee has responsibility for corporate governance?

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee has responsibility for corporate governance matters.

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Are the majority of the committee members independent?

All of the members of the Audit, Nominating and Corporate Governance, and Organization and Compensation Committees are independent.

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How are the committee chairpersons selected?

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee nominates the committee members and chairpersons and recommends their approval to the Board of Directors.

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Does the Textron Board have an independent Lead Director?

Yes. The independent Directors shall designate any Director among them to serve as Lead Director. The Lead Director is generally expected to serve for a three-year term, with the appointment ratified annually at an executive session held at the April meeting of the Board. The Lead Director, among other functions, presides at all meetings of the Board at which the Chairman is not present and all executive sessions of the independent Directors, and serves as liaison between the CEO and independent Directors.

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How does the Board evaluate the Chief Executive Officer's performance?

The non-employee directors conduct an annual performance evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer against predetermined objectives. In addition, the Chief Executive Officer annually prepares a self-evaluation prior to such annual performance evaluation by the Board.

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How can I contact Textron's Board of Directors?

Shareholders or other interested parties wishing to communicate with the Board of Directors, the Lead Director, the non-management directors as a group or with any individual director may do so by calling +1 (866) 698-6655 (toll-free) or +1 (401) 457-2269; writing to Board of Directors, Textron Inc., 40 Westminster Street., Providence, RI 02903; or sending an e-mail to

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Does Textron have a code of conduct?

Yes, the company has Business Conduct Guidelines that applies to every employee, officer and director of Textron. These guidelines are approved by the Board of Directors and are published on Textron’s website.

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How can someone who is not an employee of Textron report a questionable accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matter about the company?

All complaints relating to Textron accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters will be handled in accordance with procedures adopted by the Audit Committee. People wishing to report a complaint to the Audit Committee may do so by calling +1 (866) 698-6655 (toll-free) or +1 (401) 457-2269; writing to Audit Committee, Textron Inc., 40 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903; or e-mailing

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Investors FAQ

What is Textron's ticker symbol?

Textron's ticker symbol is TXT. Textron common stock is listed on the New York Exchange.

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How many stock splits have there been on Textron Common stock?

Textron Common stock has split five times, all 2 for 1. The distribution dates are January 1, 1966; September 1, 1967; June 1, 1987; May 30, 1997 and August 24, 2007.

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What is the CUSIP number for Textron Common stock?

The CUSIP number for Textron Common stock is 883203101.

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Does Textron have a dividend reinvestment plan?

Yes. Textron's dividend reinvestment plan offers registered shareholders of Textron Common stock a convenient way to purchase additional shares of Textron Common stock without paying brokerage, commission or other service fees. More information and an authorization form may be obtained through American Stock Transfer & Trust Company website,

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Where can I view investor information about Textron?

To view investor information about Textron visit the Investor section of this website. For Textron shareowner account information, write to: American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, 59 Maiden Lane, Plaza Level, New York, NY 10038. You may also call +1 (866) 621-2790 or from outside the US +1 (718) 921-8200 or fax +1 (718) 236-2641.

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Where is Textron ranked on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. companies?

Textron is ranked 319 on the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. companies.

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Where can I find financial statements and annual reports?

The following documents can be found on our website: Annual Report and Proxy Materials, Fact Books, and SEC Filings.

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Where can I find out more about Textron's businesses?

Business overviews can be found on this website by visiting Textron Businesses. The Annual Report and Proxy Materials and Fact Book are other sources of information about Textron's businesses. For more in depth information about our businesses, please visit our Business Directory for specific business web addresses and contact information.

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Who are the investor contacts at Textron?

Eric Salander
Vice President, Investor Relations
Tel. +1 (401) 457-2288
Cameron Vollmuth
Manager, Investor Relations
Tel. +1 (401) 457-2288

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Connect with Textron IR

Eric Salander, Vice President, Investor Relations
(401) 457-2288
Cameron Vollmuth, Manager,
Investor Relations (401) 457-2288

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