Citation Sovereign Travels Transatlantic Non-Stop

October 11, 2004
Las Vegas, NV - October 11, 2004 - Lifting off from Gander, Canada, and traveling to Vienna, Austria, Cessna's new Citation Sovereign embarked on a transatlantic flight that demonstrated its legendary performance. The five hour and 52 minute flight took place on October 2, 2004, in Sovereign serial number 680-005, N105SV. The aircraft was piloted by Roger Whyte, Cessna's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Alan Pitcher, Cessna Citation Demonstration Pilot.

With a full load of fuel and a payload of 800 pounds, the Sovereign departed at full gross weight of 30,000 pounds. The Sovereign took off from Gander International Airport at 0916 GMT (6:46 a.m. local time) using 3,460 feet of runway, which is required in accordance with FAR Part 25. It climbed through a layer of clouds initially at 4,600 feet per minute. At 10,000 feet, speed was increased to 280 knots and transitioning to 0.70 Mach, climbed directly to Flight Level 410 (FL 410).

Initial cruise speed of 0.74 Mach was established at FL 410 feet with a 1,440 pound fuel flow. The cruise speed over the Atlantic increased to 0.75 and 0.76 Mach as the aircraft burned off fuel.

The Sovereign passed over Galway Bay on the west coast of Ireland three hours and 25 minutes into the flight. With an outside air temperature of -48°C (ISA 9), the Sovereign sped along at Mach 0.772 (451 knots True Air Speed) and still had 5,358 pounds of fuel remaining.

Although the crew had more than enough fuel available to reach Vienna at FL 410, they chose to observe the Sovereign's capabilities at FL 450. The fast climb was completed abeam Dublin where the Sovereign was traveling at 0.74 Mach (430 knots TAS). Fuel flow was 1,280 pounds per hour.

Just north of Salzburg on the German-Austrian border, the crew began their descent from FL 450, maintaining a speed of 0.79 Mach. During the descent, thunderstorms to the west of Vienna caused the crew to divert to the south and east, skirting the Hungarian border. This prolonged the flight by several minutes. "We were easily able to divert around the weather system because of the fully integrated Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite. It provides pilots with all the information they need in formats that are easy to comprehend while enhancing situational awareness. It is a joy to use," said Whyte.

The aircraft landed at Vienna's International Airport on runway 34 at 1508 GMT (5:08 p.m. local time). Once the nosewheel met the runway, the Sovereign awed onlookers by landing on 2,280 feet of runway. The 2,791 nautical mile trip was completed in five hours and 52 minutes and used 9,183 pounds of fuel. The Sovereign had exactly 2,000 pounds of fuel remaining in the tanks when landing.

"With this fuel load, we could have easily flown directly to Budapest and still landed with more than adequate IFR fuel reserves," said Whyte. "The powerful and quiet engines just sip fuel at the altitudes at which the Sovereign is capable of flying in everyday operation.

"The aircraft performed flawlessly throughout the flight. Our passengers arrived fresh, rested and relaxed. They were particularly complimentary of the Sovereign's extremely quiet and comfortable cabin environment, on-board amenities, large amounts of storage space, and colossal baggage carrying capability."

President of Jet Alliance, Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer, greeted the aircraft, crew, and passengers upon arrival. Jet Alliance will operate the Sovereign for its new owner.

The Citation Sovereign is the newest traditional mid-size aircraft on today's market. It uses simple systems and proven technologies that will provide customers with industry leading dispatch reliability. Over 100 orders have been taken for the $14 million business jet. The Sovereign is one of three Citation aircraft Cessna will certify in 2004. It is recognized for its 459 knot cruise speed, 2,730 nautical mile still-air range, 3,694 foot takeoff distance, 2,650 foot landing distance, and 47,000 foot ceiling. Its fuselage provides the largest cabin and external baggage compartment of any Citation. It will accommodate up to 12 passengers and a crew of two, and 100 cubic feet (or 1,000 pounds) of external baggage.

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