First Citation CJ3 Roll-Out of Manufacturing Area

February 13, 2004

Wichita, KS - February 13, 2004 - Cessna's first Citation CJ3 manufactured on the production line rolled out the door today at its Wichita, Kansas, production facility. Announced at the 2002 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention, the CJ3 has remained on schedule and is positioned for type certification in mid-2004.

Certification flight-testing for the CJ3 has reached over 567.8 hours in 345 flights. Cessna recently finished induced icing development and certification flights, and has begun flights in natural icing.

The CJ3 airframe undergoing static testing has successfully completed over 200 certified test conditions. Of those tests, one of the most significant was the ultimate load test. One of the major tests nearing completion is on the landing gear. So far, Cessna has achieved 105,000 hours out of the scheduled 120,000 hours, or five life cycles, on the landing gear test article.

The CJ3 continues in Cessna's tradition of building aircraft that combine the best selling features of current production aircraft, along with adding new features identified by customers. The Citation CJ3 gives operators more comfort, speed and range than currently offered by the Citation CJ1 or CJ2.

Designed for single pilot operation, the CJ3's maximum cruise speed is 417 knots at 33,000 feet. With two pilots, full fuel, four passengers and baggage, the CJ3 offers an IFR range of 1,771 nm and a VFR range of 1,900 nm. Service ceiling is 45,000 feet and the maximum gross takeoff weight is 13,870 lbs. The time to climb directly to 45,000 feet at maximum gross takeoff weight is 35 minutes.

The new Williams International dual channel FADEC controlled FJ44-3A engines provide 2,780 pounds of thrust. This gives 14% more takeoff thrust and 12% more cruise thrust than the FJ44-2C, the Williams International engine used in the CJ2. The engines utilize next generation component aerodynamics, and a new compound sweep, wide chord fan that contributes to the increased thrust output, while maintaining exceptional fuel efficiency.

The CJ3 offers an advanced Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system that showcases many unique features on its three 8-inch by 10-inch active matrix color liquid crystal displays. In order to meet RVSM requirements, Cessna has included the copilot's Primary Flight Display with second air data computer as standard equipment. Cessna has also made the FMS performance database standard. This is the first time the FMS performance database will be available as standard equipment on this class of Citation aircraft. The FMS performance database will provide pilots with critical information such as takeoff and landing distances and V-speeds. Other integrated avionics features include a file server system with cursor control panel and enhanced map overlays, Pro Line 21 CNS radios, and Collins FMS-3000. Optional equipment includes electronic charts and graphical weather providing operators with increased situational awareness.

Passengers of the CJ3 will have additional comfort due to the 24-inch length increase in the passenger cabin, as compared to the CJ2. Standard seating is in a six-seat, center-club configuration. Other new interior features include a one-piece headliner, which eases maintenance; LED indirect cabin lighting and dropped aisle lights; as well as a standard forward refreshment center, with a 10-inch wider work surface than the CJ2.

CJ3 Milestones include:

  • September 2002: CJ3 unveiled at NBAA 2002
  • December 2002: CJ3 prototype's fuselage and wing mated
  • March 2003: CJ3 prototype engine run and taxi test
  • April 2003: CJ3 prototype first flight
  • July 2003: CJ3 serial number 001 first flight
  • October 2003: CJ3 first public appearance at NBAA 2003
  • February 2004: CJ3 roll-out of first CJ3 manufactured on production line
  • Mid-2004: CJ3 certification expected

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