The World's Newest Best Selling Jet - The Citation CJ2+

October 12, 2004

Las Vegas, NV - October 12, 2004 - Cessna Aircraft Company has unveiled a new generation of today's best selling light business jet - the Citation CJ2+. The Citation CJ2+ will provide the most advanced avionics suite ever seen on this class of aircraft, FADEC engines, increased maximum payload, and more standard equipment compared to an equally equipped Citation CJ2.

According to Cessna President and CEO Jack J. Pelton, "The Citation CJ2 has done exceptionally well in the marketplace and would be a tough act for any model to follow other than the CJ2+. With the CJ2+, we have an airplane that retains the successful features of the world's best selling business jet and enhances them. The superior performance, enhanced avionics, more standard features and tremendous price savings are clear-cut advantages to customers and are already driving sales."

The price of a 2004 Citation CJ2+ is $5,525,000. Cessna anticipates FAA certification for the Citation CJ2+ in the fall of 2005 and first customer delivery in the first quarter of 2006. Already, Cessna has received 35 customer orders for the CJ2+, of which 22 are firm with non-refundable deposits and contracts and the remainder are in the process of final closing.

Like its predecessor, the Citation CJ2+ will be designated as a model 525A and will serve single pilot operators. It will receive FAR Part 23 certification normal category. Preliminary performance and specifications for the Citation CJ2+ are dramatic improvements to the Citation CJ2.

The Citation CJ2+ will be powered by Williams' FJ44-3A-24 dual-channel FADEC engine. The FJ44-3A-24 engine is similar to the Citation CJ3's FJ44-3A engine. However, compared to the Citation CJ3, the Citation CJ2+ engine will be derated to 2,400 pounds of thrust. The new engine on the Citation CJ2+ offers advantages over the current Citation CJ2 including FADECs and better thrust specific fuel consumption.

The CJ2+ is equipped with the most advanced avionics suite on this class of business jet. The Collins Pro Line 21 avionics encompass many of the same features as the Citation CJ3. The Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and enhanced Multi-Function Display (MFD) are presented on three 8-inch by 10-inch active matrix color liquid crystal displays. The copilot's PFD with second air data computer is standard equipment and will meet the FAA's reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) requirements. Other integrated avionics features include a file server system with cursor control panel and enhanced map overlays, Pro Line 21 CNS radios, and Collins FMS-3000 with performance database. The CJ2+ will have standard broadcast graphical weather showing NEXRAD information, text METARs, and text TAFs. Optional CJ2+ avionics equipment includes electronic charts showing geo-referenced position on airports, interactive graphical weather, and Honeywell Mark VIII EGPWS.

In the cabin, new standard items include 110 volt electrical outlets (two outlets in the cabin and one in cockpit), left-hand belted flushing toilet, left-hand storage, and indirect LED lighting.

The Citation CJ2+ comes equipped with 17 of the Citation CJ2's most popular options, plus 10 new features that were unavailable on the Citation CJ2. Cessna has chosen to make this equipment standard on the Citation CJ2+ in order to provide customers with a greater value proposition. Some of these standard CJ2+ features include a copilot PFD, flight management system (FMS), broadcast weather, Skywatch HP, and Landmark TAWS. In addition to an expanded standard features equipment list, the Citation CJ2+ is also equipped with many standard features that were never available on the CJ2 such as integrated avionics, enhanced MFD, enhanced map overlays, FMS performance database, FADEC engines, electronic checklist, and maintenance diagnostic system.

Comprehensive warranties are included with the Citation CJ2+: five years or 5,000 hours on airframe; three years or 1,500 hours prorated to 2,000 hours on the engines; five years or 5,000 hours on Collins avionics; two years or 1,000 hours on other standard avionics; one year for paint, interior and vendor items.

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